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Our Unique Programs

◆Entrepreneurship Program

High school students join an entrepreneurship program for about six months every year, in which every class makes a business plan and presents it to all of the students. They are required to not only make a profit but to have a specific management philosophy. The classes issue stocks and sell them to collect funds. After that, they found a company and run it until the day of our cultural festival, which is held in September. At the end of the program, they hold a general meeting and show their profit and loss statements to all of the stockholders. Through this entrepreneurship program, students discover the sense of achievement as well as the difficulty in running a company. And in the end, they recognize the necessity of teamwork, creativity, communication, and so on. The primary goal of this program is to let our students experience almost the same job pressures and responsibilities as in the real world and let them realize the significance of contributing to society.


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