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Why a Girls’ School?

If we make a graph that indicates the percentage of working women in Japan, it looks like the letter “M.” This means many working women are inclined to quit their jobs around 28 years old and return to work after they give birth to their children. Some of the reasons for this tendency are that we are short of child care facilities and most companies do not allow new mothers to work part time while they are raising their babies. Even when these women try to restart their jobs, it is difficult for them to go back to the company they used to work for or to get the same position they used to have. Therefore, many young mothers think it’s very hard to work and raise their children at the same time. This is a very big problem in our society, and I insist that this problem be resolved in the very near future.

Japanese men wouldn’t make an M-curve on a similar graph. Therefore, women need to know while they are young that their turning point will come around the age of 28. We, as educators, should make them think about their future. I think girls’ schools are more appropriate than co-ed schools, and I think girls should learn many things during their junior and senior high school years. I think my duty as a principal is to make my girls plan out their own future so that they won’t have any regrets when they turn 28.



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