The goal of our school is to enable the students to live a happy life.

Our school was born out of the rubble left after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. Ebara women's association volunteers helped the disaster victims and displaced people to rebuild the lives. The school evolved from their volunteer work 2 year after the disaster. The school inherited the spirit. The school has grown student to become passionate to contribute to the society and happiness of others.
I want parents to have a clear future vison of their children. What would be the ideal life for them? We ask our students what they want to be when they are 28 years old.I want them to have strong leadership skills. I want them to self-motivated. I want them to be progressive.That is why we provide hands on experiences. Studying at Shinagawa-Joshi-Gakuin is not routine, and it's certainly not predictable. The student will become a collaborative team player who will work well with the diverse groups of people.
Our founder's spirit is "Persistence in Volunteering".
Our founders meant that once we set our goal, we will never give up. We will not run away.We stayed on the course and made steps to achieve our goal. We started the endeavor when women did not have social status to take leadership roles.
The Japanese society will change and must change to use the female talent when your children become 28 years old.
I want our students to possess knowledge and skills after 6 years at Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin, to make their dream and also others' dream come true.



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