Our school still has the same goal as the founder had about 94 years ago. That is "to raise women who will be actively involved in society." Unlike men, women have an important role, which is child rearing. Because of this, it's inevitable for a woman to stop working for a period of time to give birth and raise her child. It is necessary for women taking part in society to work outside of the home, to do the housework at home, and to raise children all at the same time. Young women need to think about their future, including how they will return to their jobs after their maternity leave. Women need to know that their future is different from that of men. Here is what we think it means to be a working-woman in society. First, we need young girls to know the facts about their future as women, and then for them to think about how they themselves will live. Our duty is to raise girls who are willing to make an effort to contribute to society.
In our school, the students work as a team to try a lot of things. Sometimes, the students fail. They won't be able to fail if they never try anything. They sometimes argue when they are working together as a team. Those are good experiences for them. Those experiences are like gifts from their teachers and fellow students. We should support the students to get these gifts. This is our definition of "education" at our school. If they're afraid of making mistakes, the students cannot get these gifts, and the students will not be able to get them once they are older. They can only receive these gifts during their school years.


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